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This is a website we've written for people who's pet has endured the pain of a limb aputation. We know, through experience, that it is hard to find information and support when the worst things happen. Our cat, Archie had a nasty accident and we had some shocks along the way. Let alone poor Archie!

So please feel free to read our story and visit the message board. We hope that the information found here will help you to understand the different elements of the road to recovery.

If you found us because your pet is about to undergo this sort of operation, then please do read all the pages. It will enable you to understand fully what we went through, and what you may go through. We've made a few friends since the site has be active, and I would hope that we've all helped each other get through the tough times. You don't have to suffer alone.

Thanks, Archie


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