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tracey posted on 26/03/2014, at 01:19

Im due to have this op done on the cat :0/ really not sure. I took him in as a stray in july last year, in october he had an accident and needed the tail aputating so i had this done, 4 days ago the cat went out and disappeared, we thought he was dead, so was a shock when i got a call today to say his micro chip had flagged up he was with the rspca with a broken femur, he's now at our vets, ive been advised for hospital xrays drugs it £300, then the price of the op on top could be £450 depending how bad it is, also that the op could be done to save the leg and he may still need it removing, ive asked the vet which options gona be the best, he said to save on the xrays and having an op to possibly lose the leg anyway to just amputate it, im gutted, ive agreed to the surgery but now seriously having doubts, should i get them to try and save it or just have it off? putting to sleep isnt an option, ive already paid £600 for the last op it had, so now it will stand at £1200. My daughter was heart broke thinking it was dead and blamed herself coz she let it out. ive got a banging headache and feel stressed and guilty as hell. putting to sleep is defo no option i wont put my little girl through that,my husband works shifts so is it normal for all cats to cry out in pain after the recovery period?
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