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Alexa Ferro posted on 30/03/2014, at 19:46

One night after coming home I walked into the house and stepped on my 1 year old cat chewy, his leg wasnt bad minimal fracture, took him to a vet who told me to wait 3 months to see if it heals, which resulted horribly. He stopped eating and was suffering from pain..come to find out when I took him to different vet we were only supposed to wait 2 weeks at the most before taking him in again for another xray because he is still a kitten and his hip was not fully grown. I figured the vets word who I paid to tell me what to do would be the right thing to do unfortunatley because of waiting that long his leg grew into his hip and had to be amputated. When they shaved him he was so skinny to the point where if we would have waited any longer he would have died from mal nutrition which made me sick to my stomach because I made sure he ate every day, but because of him laying down all day and not moving all his muscle mass was gone.. Post amputation He was doing fine the first couple weeks with the pain meds running and overall acting happy. My biggest concern was his eating I knew it was because of the pain before the surgery. Now 2 months post surgery he is starting to not eat at all anymore become extremely depressed again hiding behind couches where he knows hes safe from other cat which i seperate because when nala(my other cat who is much bigger and overweight) wants to play she hurts him on accident. . I am extremely worried about him. When it comes time to feed them I have to sit next to chewy and literly spoon feed him becuase he is intimidated by the other cat in the house. Now he is refusing to eat all together, he only licks food and gives up very easily its like he doesnt know how to chew anymore. Chewy was also a slower cat mentally we beleive he was inbreed he has very slow reflexes (which is why i stepped on him as well) If i come close to my other cat she runs immidietly when she hears me coming. Chewy just doesnt understand some things he is still very much a kitten but my biggest cornern right now is his severe depression, because of it he is becoming skin and bones again has zero fat on him at all I try so hard to get him to eat bought so many diffferent kinds of soft food. its to the point where I am calling vet in am to take him in to see what the problem is I cannot allow him to suffer again. I just need to know if this is something that cats go through when they have a leg amputated I am very worried about him I have lost animals tragically in past and I cannot loose another one hes my baby. I have spent 1000$ on surgery I am only 22 I ofcourse did not have 1000$, Me and my boyfriend had to put it on care credit which we are still paying off I am very tight financially but I will pay for as much as I need to to reasure he is okay. My pets are my children and my everything I cannot loose him. Any suggestions would be much appriciated.
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